Consignment And How It Really Works


We receive all kinds of Church furnishings from all over the country to be placed here at Rose Mary Statue Restoration for sale to other Churches or religious organizations.

We are interested in saving and preserving any and all that we possibly can. I will discuss with you in detail what restoration, if any, that needs to be done to make your item saleable.

We can give you an estimate of the value of your item at the time that we receive it. This price is determined by the condition and fair market value at that time.

The restoration needed at that point is decided and the process is started according to our schedule. When your item is ready to be placed for sale, we will offer it to various religious organizations that would be suitable for the particular item. At the time your item is sold you will receive the fair market value of the item that was placed on it when received. Rose Mary Statue Restoration is paid from the balance.

This is very successful because most churches, religious communities and organizations are very pleased with restored church goods. They are less expensive than new and in most cases the older items are of better quality that what you can but new today.

We are happy to take items in any condition. We are also interested in old Brass parts that could be used to repair others. We are most grateful for any donations for any unwanted church goods that have become outdated or no longer needed. There are many small mission churches etc. that do not have the money to purchase many needed items. Your extra items could really make the difference in some of these places.

Thank You for your time and interest in our ministry.