The goal of Rose Mary Statue Restoration is to preserve and exhibit religious Art, tradition and culture. Fostering an appreciation of Religious History for our enrichment and that of future generations.

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Rose Mary Luke

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To Restore Your Statues, Stations Of The Cross , Altars And More

No damage is beyond our repair! If it is broken I will completely restore your item to its original beauty. Needs touch up? I can preserve the antiquity of your prized possession. No job is to large or to small. Any size or condition. All our work is professionally done by hand. Statue missing a hand or an Arm? No problem. I can re make it to match. I can take an entire Statue, any size, that has been dropped and put it all back together again


Many Statues are irreplaceable not only for their artistic value, but also for their historic value. Below are some examples of types of materials that I work with.










  Picture Frames

And More


Oil Paintings


It Is Unfortunate, That damage can occur To A Beautiful Painting. However, I Can Repair And Restore A Torn Or Water Damaged Painting. Please Contact Me To Discuss Your Particular Problem. If It Is Possible, We Will Do Our Best To Save It. I Can Also Restore Old Wooden Frames, Always Carefully Keeping In Mind The Antiquity Of The Item.


More On What We Do


No damage is beyond Our Repair. Antique Mirror Repair

Wooden Frames Repaired and Rebuilt No Matter How Difficult The Design

Clean and Re-Seal Your Statues. Keep Then Looking Like New For Years

Travel Arrangements for Pick Up and Delivery Is Available

Re-Create Special Art Designs Found On Some Of The Older Statues. Also Make Your Items Look Like Real Marble

Broke Your Favorite Figurine?

Don't worry ......I Can Rebuild It

Like NEW Again

Missing Pieces Professionally rebuilt Or Remade

Everything Is Hand Painted. Brushed on Techniques using only fine Acrylic Stains and Sealers

Carved Wood Stations and Statues Cleaned, Preserved, Repaired And Sealed

Protect Your Investment Marble-Cleaned and Sealed

A Very Important Process

Brass-Polishing For Solid Brass Pieces

We Also Offer To You A Company That We Work With For the Finest Brass Plating

Since 1911

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Priority Schedule Is Available

Are You Planning To Restore Your Church?

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We Are Available To Travel To Your Destination For Your Church Restoration.

More References and Pictures Are Available on Request

Some Estimates Are Possible With An Accurate Picture and Information Describing The Restoration Needed


#1162 Taken From The Catechism Of The Catholic Church

" The Beauty Of The Images Moves Me To Contemplation, As A Meadow delights The Eyes And Subtly Infuses The Soul With The Glory Of God." #32 " Similarly, The Contemplation Of Sacred Icons, United With Meditation On The Word Of God And The Signing Of Liturgical Hymns, Enters Into The Harmony Of The Signs Of Celebration So That The Mystery Celebrated Is Imprinted In The Heart's Memory And Is Then Expressed In The New Life Of The Faithful."